20 July 2013

The YJM Strat Upgrade #2 of #2 ( Dimarzio Injectors / Area 67 )

I ordered a Dimarzio Injector / Area 67 loaded pickuguard to have the stock pickups replaced. Having heard the sound clips on youtube, The original HS / YJM pickups on the guitar sound good but i wanted a little more output. I needed a little more meat into my tone without having to compromise on the single coil look.

I ordered my set via eBay at 920D Custom Shop. I was very impressed with the packaging when it arrived. They came packed with custom cut foam to a fit.

The wiring was done clean and professionally. No hassle on the installation on my part. It was an easy 3 wire solder ( 1x Live & 2 x Ground ).  This loaded pickguard spots Dimarzio Injectors in the bridge / neck and a Area 67 in the middle. Hooked up with 250k pots.

These pickups sound great! Just what i was looking for!
Kudos to the people at 920D Custom Shop!

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