17 February 2012

Bare knuckle "The Mule" & RS Guitarworks Vintage Upgrade Kit Project

Ordered a set of BKP mules for my Yamanao Gibby
These Switchcraft 3 Way Toggle switches with braided wires are tricky bastards to work with. I had to do them 3 times to get it right!

I also added a set of the RS Guitarworks vintage upgrade kit.
Love them Jensen Caps

The Final Product!

07 February 2012

Xotic Effects Custom Shop BB Preamp MB (Mid Boost)

I have been longing to get one of these ever since i set hands on the original BB Preamp. The MB (Mid Boost) sealed the deal for me.

But be warned, This MB model is different from the original BB Preamp. It isn't as transparent as the original. This isn't a bad thing as this MB model has it's own character.

It's mid boost function when tweaked past 1500 hrs can produce some gritty Marshall Plexi like tones.  Anything below noon is smooth flowing overdrive.

A little more under the hood!
Not bad at all.....