30 November 2008

Fender 1971 Telecaster Reissue CIJ TL71

Since i started playing the guitar, The one model of guitar that i really had no form of love for was the telecaster. I just did not find the look of a telecaster appealing whatsoever. They were these ugly looking guitars with limited pickup options. I have always thought that telecasters were only made for country music and that was it.

Pictures Courtesy From hub4thailand

I stumbled on a chance to pick up a telecaster out of curiosity, I have owned many different kinds of guitars but never a telecaster. I picked up this pre owned piece from Jeff or better known as hub4thailand. The entire guitar was stock. made out of an ash body and a one piece maple oval neck. The pickups are the TL-Current. These were the so called lower end of pickups that Fender japan were putting in their vintage series Teles. Rumor has it that these series of guitars have stopped productions and have been discontinued by Fender japan.

My hate for the Teles changed when i brought this back home. I was so impressed with the Tele as i realized how versatile it is. The tone is simply amazing. There was so much twang and bite to the tone for a guitar with only 1 single coil and a lipstick pickup. I especially loved the neck lipstick pickup. It produced such a warm and quacky tone that's especially beautiful for playing the blues. The neck felt comfortable enough even though there was too much gloss on the back of the neck. The overall construction is great. Fender japan is known for their excellence in building beautiful reissue replica's of their vintage reissue series and some say that the Japanese give the Fender custom shop models a run for their money in terms of build quality hence these guitars are only meant for the Japanese market.

My perception of the telecaster has changed. I simply love the tone of the telecaster. I still find these guitars not the best lookers around but they certainly make up in tone and feel. I have changed the pick guard to a mirror one. Not too sure if it's for better or for worse but I'll probably swap them back to stock once i get bored of the John5 telecaster look.

  • Affordable
  • Great Tone
  • Discontinued Model
  • Light Weight
  • Very Versatile
  • Comfortable neck
  • TL-Current Pickups (Could have been better with some high quality pickups)
  • Too Much Gloss On The Back Of The Neck
Rating: 8.5/10

21 November 2008

Limited Edition Ibanez S Series S540LTD

My main gig axe for the past 10+ years. I got this piece from Swee Lee while they had a retail branch at Takashimaya. Got this at a bargain staff price of just $900 after pulling some strings * Thanks Barry *. Suggested retail price tag for this piece was $1900. She's made in japan and is a limited edition model. It's probably worth more in the market now as the japan made ibanez's were known for excellence in quality back then. She has a custom made inlay on the 21st fret, Shark tooth inlays with a very slim body and neck. It has one of the slimmest necks i have ever played. The comfort level while carrying this on stage is excellent. I have tried my very best to keep her in stock condition but i had to change some of the hardware as some of the parts were beginning to rust and oxidize due to the blood, sweat and tears i have put into her through 10+ years of gigs, jams and recording sessions. I kept the original parts for old times sake. This guitar took quite a beating but survived every minute of it. It's definitely a road worthy axe that had come a long way. My sentimental values for this one.

She is now officially RETIRED from my hands