23 April 2011

New "OLD" Guitar Day.. Edwards E-LP-98LTS

My 2nd Edwards Les Paul to date. These guys really make some good copies.

Edwards E-LP-98LTS or better know as the Laquer Taste Series..

I got this pre owned. Not the best in cosmetic condition but great in terms of tone and playability. I gave up on trying to restore this piece and i smell a relic job in the making. The nitro coat makes this a good candidate for relic jobs.

Some Manlius Fat Diane's for the voice. These pups are not bad at all. Good job Mick! Nice sounding PAFish tones that won't bust the bank.

More detailed pics can be found in the " Guitar Porn Gallery "

15 April 2011

Joe Bonamassa Live In Singapore!

Joe Bonamassa Live In Singapore!
This is one concert not to miss. A legend in the making.
Get your tickets from www.sistic.com.sg now!
Joe has put up one of his singles for free download at http://jbonamassa.com/singapore/ . Check it out!

The Guitar Junkie Is Proud To Be A Member of Joe Bonamassa's Singapore Street Team