16 July 2010

SLASH Asia Tour 2010

If you have been living under your little sisters bed and don't know by now, Slash is coming to town!

Ask any rock guitarist out there about a Les Paul and slash’s name will come into mind. The living rock guitar icon will be making his way to town for a one night concert at the Fort Canning park on August 2nd 2010. His posse will include the vocal talent of Myles Kennedy of Alterbridge fame and Coheed And Cambria. Slash and his posse will be dishing out new songs from slash’s new album along with some good old G&R hits according to sources and this is going to be a heck of a wild show!

I remember those G&R days, Slash made guitar playing so darn cool. That big curly afro, a cancer stick up his lip looking buzzed out and playing those killer riffs with so much aw and mojo. Everyone wanted a Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top after watching slash walk out of the church to shred his guitar solo in the November Rain MTV. It was just too damn cool! Way back then, the Singapore government banned the Metallica and Guns & Roses world tour in Singapore with fears of violent public reactions during the concert. I guess those days are over and things are starting to open up here in sunny Singapore.

Now here’s your chance to catch this rock guitar icon in the flesh! Mark my words, Slash will be a legend in his own right in time to come. Do not miss this rare opportunity!

With the concert in mind, the good folks at LAMC Productions and Visa, will be holding an Air Guitar Contest from 9 – 28 July, where contestants simply have to submit a 30-second video clip of their air guitar performance covering any Slash song to win. The winner of the contest will win for themselves some great prizes which includes tickets to the show, a Jim Dunlop Crybaby Slash Wah, an autographed Epiphone Les Paul (What?! it’s not a Gibson?) and a chance to meet the rock icon himself in the flesh who will autograph your axe. take some pictures and maybe even share a joint with you. Just kidding on the last part.

Click on the picture above to join the contest!

Please Log on to http/lamcproductions.com/ for more info on the concert and contest details!

Hurry! Get your tickets now!

Since we are on the topic of Slash, Check out this Gibson Slash Appetite For Destruction Les Paul!

G.A.S .........

Guitar is Available at Davis Guitar

Price: Arm, Leg, Kidney and Maybe Your Wife.