20 July 2013

2006 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster

It's been a while since i got myself a new guitar. Not literally new but a pre owned 2006 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster. I got this off a trade for my Gretsch G5122TDGC. It was a reluctant trade off but it had to be done as the Gretsch was not getting enough love and playtime.

I love how the guitar plays. It's very comfortable with the belly contour and the recessed neck heel. The general build of the guitar is good. I love the size and shape of the Modern C shaped neck. It just feels right.

Being a 2006 model, It still spots the Bill Lawrence SCN Pickups. It's a hit or miss with the SCN pickups though. The neck pickup sounds good. A lot of smoothness in it but the bridge pickup on the other hand was lacking in soul. it sounded lifeless... 

With the S1 switch, There is extra tonal capabilities. Very usable and fattens up the tone when activated.

None the less, it's still a pretty fine guitar. Well conditioned guitar as the previous owned took good care of her. The American Deluxe Telecaster feels like a modern twist to a vintage tele on steroids with versatility. 

I'm always going back to tele's someway or another....
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