17 September 2014

Moving To Facebook!!

I rarely post here much these days and i'm redirecting all posts to Guitar Junkie TV Facebook Page!See on you the other side! https://www.facebook.com/guitarjunkietv :D

08 January 2014

I'm Back!!

I have been swarmed with tasks since Christmas!
been busy with the CNBLUE videos , family , home relocation and lastly my very own Web Store http://guitaraxestacy.com
i feel bad for not updating my blog since then...

So in a nut shell...
Here it is...

SIX new guitars!!!!

I am only keeping the Yamano 1996 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty. 
The rest are for sale at http://guitaraxestacy.com
Selling guitars are tough! I always want to keep all of them but i can't..

I realized that i'm out of space to upload more photos in "Guitar Porn Gallery". i will get that fixed soon..

Released 3 videos since Christmas!
Check it out!

I will be doing more videos with the new guitars this weekend. 

13 November 2013

2012 PRS Custom 24 in Angry Larry

I already said so in my last post...
The GAS would eventually get to me.....
And it did....

2012 model with all the new modern features.
It plays great but needs some getting used to on the neck.

More detailed pictures can be found at "Guitar Porn Gallery"

12 November 2013

Fender Midnight Opulence Masterbuilt by Yuriy Shishkov

I had the privilege of seeing and feeling a very rare and insanely expensive Masterbuilt Fender Custom Shop model today. It’s a real beauty up close. I wished I had my DSLR with me to capture it’s true beauty in better definition but all I had was my crappy iPhone camera at moments notice.

Fender Midnight Opulence Masterbuilt by Yuriy Shishkov

One in the world hand built from scratch and designed over 9 months by master builder Yuriy Shishkov. This work of art showcases a dazzling display of workmanship integrating 278 natural jewels including 161 diamonds with pieces of citrin, blue topaz, peridot, emeralds, and hand hammered fine silver and rose gold.

Price: USD$90,000.

• Select Alder
• Midnight Purple Oil Finish
• 4A Birds Eye Maple Neck
• Handwound 60’s Strat Pickups
• 278 Natural Jewels
• 161 Diamonds with pieces of Citrin, Blue Topaz, Peridot and Emeralds
• Add design, jewellery inlay work by Yuriy Shishkov
• Hand hammered wire of Fine Silver & Rose Gold
• Matching Intricate Custom Designed Strap
• Certificate of Authenticity included

Only available at BGW Guitars

Story has it that this guitar was won through a silent auction by the owner of BGW Guitars. A rich Myanmar businessman took great interest in it but the deal did not fall through with the good folks at BGW. I’m humbled just by being in the same proximity with her. Thanks to Brendon and Godfrey for allowing me to photograph this fine instrument. Got USD$90000 to spare?

08 November 2013

Gibson ES335 Figured Top in Vintage Sunburst

Just added a new Gibson ES335 Figured Top in Vintage Sunburst to the family yesterday.
Last one before we say goodbye to 2013
i hope....
Got GAS for a PRS lately...



More detailed pictures can be found at "Guitar Porn Gallery"

01 October 2013

1990 Fender 59 Bassman Reissue

I finally decided to trade off my old lady for a 1990 Fender 59 Bassman.
Here it is!
It's been modded to a tube rectifier instead of the stock solid state rectifier.
When i first got it, It was horrendous...
Years of dirt and grease was covered on the tweed but it was all cleared up with some Carpet Cleaner and Fabreeze.

No regrets on the trade. Love this amp!

01 September 2013

Metallica Live in Singapore 2013

This is a day that i will never forget...
I do not have many great days in my life but this one takes the cake.
It will probably be the best concert of my life.
Considered checked on my bucket list.

Thank you Metallica!
20 years of wait boiled down to this.

A week after the concert and i am still buzzing from the adrenalin from August 24th 2013. The memory remains ...

23 August 2013

Metallica Live In Singapore 2013 : The Pilgrimage Is About To Begin....

Metallica's stage is erected and what looks like a massive stage! 30 hours to go before my childhood regret is redeemed  for not attending their concert 20 years ago.
I have managed to score a rare media pass to the press conference before the show but sadly, I will have to make a pass and offer the slot to a buddy of mine....

Ironically, the slot is given to the same dude who made the decision together with me 20 years ago to give the concert a miss...

20 July 2013

2006 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster

It's been a while since i got myself a new guitar. Not literally new but a pre owned 2006 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster. I got this off a trade for my Gretsch G5122TDGC. It was a reluctant trade off but it had to be done as the Gretsch was not getting enough love and playtime.

I love how the guitar plays. It's very comfortable with the belly contour and the recessed neck heel. The general build of the guitar is good. I love the size and shape of the Modern C shaped neck. It just feels right.

Being a 2006 model, It still spots the Bill Lawrence SCN Pickups. It's a hit or miss with the SCN pickups though. The neck pickup sounds good. A lot of smoothness in it but the bridge pickup on the other hand was lacking in soul. it sounded lifeless... 

With the S1 switch, There is extra tonal capabilities. Very usable and fattens up the tone when activated.

None the less, it's still a pretty fine guitar. Well conditioned guitar as the previous owned took good care of her. The American Deluxe Telecaster feels like a modern twist to a vintage tele on steroids with versatility. 

I'm always going back to tele's someway or another....
More detailed pictures of the guitar at " Guitar Porn Gallery "