20 July 2013

2006 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster

It's been a while since i got myself a new guitar. Not literally new but a pre owned 2006 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster. I got this off a trade for my Gretsch G5122TDGC. It was a reluctant trade off but it had to be done as the Gretsch was not getting enough love and playtime.

I love how the guitar plays. It's very comfortable with the belly contour and the recessed neck heel. The general build of the guitar is good. I love the size and shape of the Modern C shaped neck. It just feels right.

Being a 2006 model, It still spots the Bill Lawrence SCN Pickups. It's a hit or miss with the SCN pickups though. The neck pickup sounds good. A lot of smoothness in it but the bridge pickup on the other hand was lacking in soul. it sounded lifeless... 

With the S1 switch, There is extra tonal capabilities. Very usable and fattens up the tone when activated.

None the less, it's still a pretty fine guitar. Well conditioned guitar as the previous owned took good care of her. The American Deluxe Telecaster feels like a modern twist to a vintage tele on steroids with versatility. 

I'm always going back to tele's someway or another....
More detailed pictures of the guitar at " Guitar Porn Gallery "

The YJM Strat Upgrade #2 of #2 ( Dimarzio Injectors / Area 67 )

I ordered a Dimarzio Injector / Area 67 loaded pickuguard to have the stock pickups replaced. Having heard the sound clips on youtube, The original HS / YJM pickups on the guitar sound good but i wanted a little more output. I needed a little more meat into my tone without having to compromise on the single coil look.

I ordered my set via eBay at 920D Custom Shop. I was very impressed with the packaging when it arrived. They came packed with custom cut foam to a fit.

The wiring was done clean and professionally. No hassle on the installation on my part. It was an easy 3 wire solder ( 1x Live & 2 x Ground ).  This loaded pickguard spots Dimarzio Injectors in the bridge / neck and a Area 67 in the middle. Hooked up with 250k pots.

These pickups sound great! Just what i was looking for!
Kudos to the people at 920D Custom Shop!

19 July 2013

The YJM Strat Upgrade #1 of #2 ( Callaham Vintage Narrow Bridge )

Ever since the first YJM strat that i have picked up, It was always a love hate relationship with the guitar. I had tried mods on the first one but somehow could not bond with how it played. The narrow string spacing and neck attributed to the dreaded string slippage on these 70's strats. These stock bridges are a pain in the ass.

I loved the deep scallops on the YJM's. For that reason alone, I had to make the inevitable decision to dive into a bridge replacement that i was contemplating since my first YJM strat.

So here it is...
I dived into a Callaham Vintage Narrow Bridge.

Here is my verdict on the Callaham V/N Bridge.
Play-ability wise, It had certainly improved in the string slippage department. The stability of the bridge is also another plus point. Whammy usage has improved significantly. No clicks and clacks when using the tremolo. The tremolo arm fits snugly and does not wobble around like the stock tremolo. It also stays in tune nicely for a vintage spec bridge and is very quiet. Very impressive!

In the tone department, I need not say more. All the rumors and articles that you have been reading are indeed true. She now sings after the bridge transplant!

Overall, It's money well spent and i would highly recommend this "upgrade" to players who are struggling with string slippages and tuning instabilities on their beloved strat. It is easy work to do the installation if you know the in's and out's of setting up your own guitar. You just need to pick out the correct bridge for your guitar as Callaham has a few different models in their catalog. Check the specs when in doubt.

The only downside here will be it's price point. How deep are your pockets for your beloved strat? If you can afford it, i would highly recommend it. 

( Left : Callaham Vintage Narrow Bridge     Right: Stock Fender Bridge )

With steep prices of Artist Models, Fender should stop putting mediocre parts into their guitars. 

The Callaham V/N bridge can be bought at SV Guitars.
Price: SGD$255

15 July 2013

Metallica Live In Singapore 2013

20 Years....
I have waited for 20 fricking years!!
Missed them last time round in 1993 cause i was too young to afford tickets while serving the nation.
Well.. Not this time!

Here they come!

The ones that got the fire started in me.
Super stoked!
Counting down the days!