07 August 2009

Getting Picky!! V-Picks!!

All my years from playing the guitar, there has always been one important element. The guitar pick. A lot of players do not realise this. The guitar picks plays a very big part in tone. All my years of playing the guitar has seen me change a wide variety of different picks. From nylon to metal picks. I have almost tried them all. They were all mostly the same. The only difference was that the thinner picks produced a thin and crisp tone that was ideal for rhythm play. The thicker picks had better control over dynamics and picking but there's a certain drop in tone clarity when compared to thinner picks.

Through the years, I have tried pick after pick after pick. From the classic nylon's to the signature Ibanez Steve Vai picks. Even a Gardenia bread tag was used before as I could not get myself a pick when money and music shops were scarce in the early days of a teenager.

I ended up using a Jim Dunlop Big Stubby. I found that these picks provided a little bit of everything for me.

When I choose a pick, these are some of the important factors that I look into..

1. Tone
2. Size
3. Thickness
4. Material
5. Comfort
6. Non Slip

Recently, I was introduced to V-Picks. My guitar dealer had me try one when I purchased a guitar from him. He handed me a rather big transparent triangular pick. It felt really thick and uncomfortable but the tone was crystal clear. I did not think too much about that pick as comfort is a must for me. I later found out that V-Picks made different sizes for their picks so I called my dealer and bought a few medium / small sized V-Picks and gave them a go.

These picks are really something. It really brings out the tone of your guitar and playing. Be it electric or acoustic. The tones just project out like no other.

The build of the pick is pretty good as well. The edges are sharp but it has a rounded top end which makes picking faster and smoother. The pick just slides easily off the strings. Pinch harmonics and sweeps have never been easier.

Grip wise, there's no special groove to enhance friction to get a better grip but I have not lost my grip on the V-Picks yet. Maybe it's the three sides it possesses that let's you move to a different side if the pick is slowly sliding away from you. It's like three picks built into one.

Give these picks an A/B comparison if you happen to cross paths. They are rather pricey compared to a regular pick. Maybe 4 - 5 times more compared to a Jim Dunlop Big Stubby but it's worth the money. It enhances tone and playability. The Ruby Medium Pointed V-Pick will be my choice of pick for a long time to come.

VOX Heritage Collection AC15HTVH Head & V112HTV Cab

New baby just joined the family!

It's a VOX Heritage Collection AC15HTVH Head & V112HTV Cab

Killer looks!

Killer tone!

She just simply takes my breath away .....

Heritage AC15HTVH Head and V112HTV Cab


Power Output :15 Watts RMS into 8 or 16 ohm loudspeaker load selectable via rear panel switch.

Valve Complement: 1 x EF86, 3 x ECC83/12AX7, 2 x EL84, 1 x EZ81 (rectifier)

Loudspeaker: VOX/Celestion Alnico Blue 12?loudspeaker 16 ohm


Head Height: 22.5cm, Width 53cm, Depth 26.5cm

Cabinet Height 53.5cm, Width 53cm, Depth 26.5cm

Weight Head: 14.3 kgs / 31.52 lbs

Weight Cabinet: 14.4 kgs / 31.74 lbs

I'm not going to waste my time reviewing this amp. I'm going to spend more time playing with her.

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