10 June 2012

1995 Ibanez RG550LTDPN #2 "Completion"

After almost a month of overhauling & refurbishing work on the RG550. It's finally complete!
It was not an easy job. I managed to get rid of most of the rust, dirt and grime that was accumulated from the previous owner from god knows when....  1995?!

Rewiring the electronics with new pots and switches were done successfully but i made a mess of leveling the frets and had to get Mike from SV Guitars to rescue and finish the leveling for me. As usual, He did a great job!

The missing parts were ordered from Ebay and bought from some local stores.

Everything is full circle now.

Great playing and sounding guitar! Even with it's stock pickups.

Here it is!

Some part of me feels that she's a keeper.
I have said that too many times with my other guitars....
It's almost never true.....
Hence, I'm The Guitar Junkie!

More detailed pictures can be found in the "Guitar Porn Gallery"