22 March 2011

Drum Amp Crisis: Made In Singapore

With the new arrival of the Roland TD4KX V Drums, It's inevitable that an amp purchase has to come along. I did some research and these drum amps don't come cheap. Average retail price for a entry level drum amp starts from $400. Since i'm not an all out drummer, i could not justify myself to spend a big amount of moola on a standalone drum amp.

Of course there is an alternative that keyboard amps would work well with electronic drums but i still could not justify spending on a keyboard amp just for drums sake.

I did lots of homework and came up with this.

Sonic Gear ARMAGGEDDON Ultra A7 - Armaggeddon class 2.1 High Power Audio System

Total Power: 85 Watts RMS
Subwoofer Power: 55 Watts RMS
Satellite Power: 2 x 15 Watts RMS
Subwoofer Driver: 6.5" High Excursion Dedicated Ultra Low Bass
Satellite Driver: 4 x 2.75" Full Range + 2 x 0.75" Silk-Lined Dome Tweeter
Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20KHz
S/N Ratio: &rt; 85 dB
Distortion: < 1% THD (5 TD 300MA peak to peak source) Sensitivity Input: 350mV Enclosure: 12mm MDF with aluminum front panel Enclosure type: 6TH order bass reflex Power Supply: 120/230Volts AC

Although this is just a Multimedia sound system, the specs on this monster is relatively built to withstand some pounding on frequencies. Unlike normal Desktop 2.1 PC speakers which will cause loss in frequencies, This one takes the cake in a new light.

I tested it with the Roland TD4KX and this monster works flawlessly. The highs and low frequencies are all in tack. Not only it can be used as a good drum amp. it can take keyboards and can be used as a multimedia sound system as well. This is a good 3 in 1 swiss army knife for home use.

The Singapore based company Sonic Gear's ARMAGGEDDON Ultra A7 - Armaggeddon class 2.1 High Power Audio System can be found at Challenger stores island wide. Call to check for availability.

Good stuff at an affordable price!

Retail Price: $159.00

19 March 2011

Roland TD4KX V Drums

Not a guitar entry but what the heck.

This is my new addition to setting up my home studio.

One more step closer. I'm not much of a good drummer but this will certainly get me on my way.

These mesh heads from Roland are great. Minimal noise with great response and action.

And for those who have the Yamaha Vs Roland electronic drums debate... After many try outs at stores around the island, My conclusion is that Yamaha has a long way to go in terms of electronic drums.

Roland for the win.