20 May 2012

1995 Ibanez RG550LTDPN

Woke up super early and realized that we slept through the champions league final even though we wanted to watch it so badly! We were all so tired from Kaelyn's happy hour. Congrats CHELSEA!

All's not lost! I woke up to find this 1995 Ibanez RG550LTDPN in the classifieds at a ridiculously low price ( VERY LOW ). Raced down to Yishun and bought this before anyone could.

It's scratched and bumped but bought it due to the low price as an investment. I had my suspicions but after setting it up and instigating the details, looks like i found myself an original and excellent 17 year old japanese Ibanez. She needs some work on her before she plays well.

Refurbish & Overhaul in the works!

Here's Sharktooth Barney!