21 November 2008

Limited Edition Ibanez S Series S540LTD

My main gig axe for the past 10+ years. I got this piece from Swee Lee while they had a retail branch at Takashimaya. Got this at a bargain staff price of just $900 after pulling some strings * Thanks Barry *. Suggested retail price tag for this piece was $1900. She's made in japan and is a limited edition model. It's probably worth more in the market now as the japan made ibanez's were known for excellence in quality back then. She has a custom made inlay on the 21st fret, Shark tooth inlays with a very slim body and neck. It has one of the slimmest necks i have ever played. The comfort level while carrying this on stage is excellent. I have tried my very best to keep her in stock condition but i had to change some of the hardware as some of the parts were beginning to rust and oxidize due to the blood, sweat and tears i have put into her through 10+ years of gigs, jams and recording sessions. I kept the original parts for old times sake. This guitar took quite a beating but survived every minute of it. It's definitely a road worthy axe that had come a long way. My sentimental values for this one.

She is now officially RETIRED from my hands