10 September 2012

Fender 2007 Yngwie J Malmsteen Stratocaster

Got this off a trade
After selling my previous YJM model which was made in 2006, I started to miss the feeling of scallops running under my fingers. When the opportunity came about to pick one up in my favorite finish "Sonic Blue" , I could not let it slip!

There are some differences in build in comparison between the 2006 and 2007 model. Although most traits are similar, The differences could be felt when i played her. String slippage does not happen as easily with this 2007 model and the shape of the brass nut is better cut in my opinion.

I do feel that this 2007 is much easier to play. It feels more stable and comfortable. This model still spots the trademark Dimarzio's instead of Seymour Duncan Furies.

I thought i would give the reader some myths about scallop necks. There's so much said on the web about scallop necks and here is my take on it since this is my 2nd YJM Strat to date.

True Myths:
  • Improves and enhances vibrato techniques
  • Better string grippage
  • Easier bends / holding bends
False Myths:
  • Makes you play faster
  • Makes you play and sound like the man himself
  • You need a light touch to play

What i feel is key to the scallop fretboard is the ability to control riffs better but do note that the scallops do need some getting used to and it isn't all that of a big leap.

More detailed pictures can be found in "Guitar Porn Gallery

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