23 February 2010

Xotic Effects BB Preamp USA

The pedal that is so famously associated with Andy Timmons. BB is also known to stand for "Blues Breaker" . It has a metal housing and is built quite well. Runs on 9v and is sized rather small in boutique fashion. I picked this one up pre owned. My first impressions of the BB preamp when i plugged it into my VOX AC15HW was the amount of creamy fatness it gives out with all knobs at the noon position and the gain at 9 o clock. The clean boost that the BB gives out is a warm sounding organic tone. Nothing digital about it since this is an analog pedal in all it's glory.

The BB has 4 knobs. Volume, Gain , Treble and Bass. When the gain knob is pushed up to 3 o clock, It produces saturation and the break ups are very nice and can produce tones that comes pretty close to Andy Timmons "Electric Gypsy". Another note about the BB is the dynamics that the BB is very capable of coaxing. There is no need to rool back the volume knob to get the tones into the clean categeory. Picking dynamics can greatly smoothen out the tone almost to a clean state.

Not only this pedal sounds good stand alone but when the BB is stacked, In this case i stacked the BB with a hardwire CM2 in classic mode, The tone becomes a fat saturated lead signal that is very harmonical in dynamics. This pedal stacks really well and is pretty quiet.

I would recommend the BB preamp if your looking for a warm clean boost and more. unlike the AC and RC booster, The BB preamp has got more versatility in terms of having more gain. The BB is definately not a one trick pony. There are variations for the BB as well, There is the BB preamp Andy Timmons signature, The BB Preamp MB Custom Shop ( MB stands for MID BOOST ) And the BB preamp plus.

Probably one of the better TS type pedals around.

The BB preamp retails brand new in stores around the SGD$300-$330 range.

Street value wise is around SGD$180 - $240

This pedal is definately staying in my rig!

Rating: 9/10

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