06 February 2008

Ibanez PGM3

Since i was a kid, my early guitar hero was Paul Gilbert. I have always wanted to own an Ibanez PGM model. I simply loved the painted F holes. Ibanez released the PGM3 for the 3rd world market making it affordable for the average guitar player. I snapped up the chance to pick up a brand new piece at Swee Lee at a listed retail price of $960 before discount. The Stock INFS pickups just did not do it for me. They sounded horrible! I took the opportunity to have a Dimarzio Tone Zone installed at the bridge just like Senor Gilbert. For the option of the neck, I was recommended a Dimarzio Air Norton instead of a PAF Pro and i gave it a shot. Tone wise after upgrading the pickups were excellent. Now it sounded more like a mean shred machine with the upgrades. The Tone Zone on the bridge has a very tight mid range and the highs are clearly pronounced. The lows are very well balanced with great harmonics as well. The pups can sometimes be a little too over sensitive but it's something i truly welcome with a bit of play adjustments. On the neck, The Air Norton sounded really smooth. great for melting leads with soaring sustains. Even with the neck pickup in play, pinch harmonics are easily obtainable as well. I highly recommend a Air Norton on the neck position.

This is a great piece for Paul Gilbert fans who do not wish to fork out 3 to 4 times more for a PGM301. It's a good alternative but i would not recommend if the stock pickups are kept on. Upgrading this piece makes this guitar a worthy keeper.

  • It's a PGM, What else can i say?
  • Painted F holes
  • Affordable
  • Well built
  • Edge III Pro
  • Jumbo Frets
  • Inverted headstock
  • Thin neck
  • Tuning Stability
  • It's not a PGM301, What else can i say?
  • Crappy INFS Pickups
  • Does not come with a case with purchase
  • Rosewood Fretboard
Before Upgrades: 4/10
After Upgrades: 8/10

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