13 January 2010

Fender Yngwie J Malmsteen Artist Signature Stratocaster

This just in!

A Yngwie J Malmsteen Artist American Fender Stratocaster!

I hesitated much in picking this piece up. I had fears of the famous scalloped fret board that is so famously associated with YJM. But i took the dive and brought this baby home. I had a pretty hard time with the YJM initially but after a good setup and some hours of bonding with her, She does have her set of plus points. I personally loved the voicing on her. The stock Dimarzio produce a very clean and transparent tone. Low output in some senses but thats not a bad thing.

The fretboard is scalloped deeper for this newer model. There is a need to put up a slight fight when playing on the fretboard which i find it rather appealing. Bends and virbrato's are really easy on the scallops. Hence it is easy to re-create that heavy vibrato that Yngwie is so famous for in his style of playing. This guitar will definately make you a better player. You have to hit the notes spot on. There's little room for error but the results are very rewarding.

This is not a bad guitar. Not bad at all.

It's just too bad that i don't shread like YJM and this guitar will not see any justice in my hands.

The retail price of this guitar is at approximately SGD$4,280! Gosh...... With that kind of a price tag, You will need to be a real YJM fan to appreciate this piece of work.

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