11 October 2008

Fender 60th Anniversary Commemorative Stratocaster

The Fender 60th Anniversary Stratocaster was released in 2006 for a limited run. Even though this guitar has a made in Mexico label, It is definitely a worthy guitar to mention. At an affordable price, this one has the makings and qualities of an excellent strat. It comes with an alder body, maple neck, maple fretboard and loaded with Tex Mex pickups. This diamond anniversary commemorative model spots a modern C shaped neck with a 9.5 radius.

I bought this guitar pre owned at $750. It's a tad pricey for a pre owned guitar as this piece retails brand new at $800. I grabbed it without thinking too much because the chance of picking a pre owned piece up in such pristine condition is hard to come by. The QC of the guitar is excellent unlike most Mexican models. It almost doesn't feel like a Mexican piece with the excellent build. The specs on this guitar closely resembles the Jimmy Vaughan Tex Mex Stratocaser. It also spots a beautiful 60th anniversary diamond laser engraved neck plate. With the Tex Mex pickups, this guitars rocks out to good old blues but I won't really recommend this for high gain stuff due to the 60 cycle hum but its still a very versatile guitar. Now here is a collectors piece that will probably see a rise in value over time. If you have one of these in your arsenal, hang on to it. You might see a value hike in time to come. It's a worthy piece for players and collectors to have.

  • Affordable
  • Value for money
  • Smooth neck
  • Excellent QC
  • Tex Mex pickups
  • 60th anniversary neck plate
  • 60th anniversary gig bag
  • Great playability
  • Limited Edition

  • Only available in blizzard pearl finish

Rating: 8.5/10

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